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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Bidding Tool Added to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

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Today, individuals are constantly being connected to and searching for all kinds of technology and devices. Advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to reach these people with their advertisements in ways that are relevant to what they are currently looking at. This could include things like the website they are viewing, the magazine they are reading, or just their present location.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns now provides a new bid adjustment calculator designed to show you what the final bid adjustment will be when using multiple bid settings. This means you can increase or decrease your bids for mobile devices and other contexts such as the location and the time of day you want the advertisement to appear.

The campaign-level bid adjustments are then applied on top of your keyword or ad group bids. Bid adjustments for location, days and time of day and any ad group-level targeting methods can be set from -90% to +900%. For mobile devices, bid adjustments can be set at -100% if you don’t want to run on mobile at all, or between -90% and +300%.

Ideally, you want to set higher bids when you are more likely to satisfy your customers. This is going to lead to more visits and sales. By setting lower bids, you can lead to quality or average orders, which can still improve your ROI. However, you are probably going to see fewer visits and sales with a lower bid.

You’ll find the calculator icon when you’re in the Campaign level next to “Active bid adjustments”

Google has more details of these additions to AdWords here.

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