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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MySpace Climbs to the Top

Posted by @ 11:12 pm
  • holds the number one position as the most popular U.S. site for the first time, surpassing Yahoo! and Google sites for week ending July 8.

According to data released by Hitwise, the extremely popular social networking site accounted for 4.46 percent of all website visits, pushing out current market share leaders Yahoo! Mail (4.42 percent), Yahoo!’s homepage (4.25 percent) and Google (3.89 percent).

Market Share of Website Visits – Week Ending July 8, 2006

Website Market Share (%)
1. MySpace 4.46
2. Yahoo! Mail 4.42
3. Yahoo! (homepage) 4.25
4. Google 3.89
5. MySpace Mail 2.85
6. MSN Hotmail 2.39
7. MSN 1.92
8. eBay 1.59
9. Yahoo! Search 1.36
10. MSN Search 0.93

Source: Hitwise, 2006

WebProNews report that Yahoo! was not very pleased with the rankings released by Hitwise, claiming it was misleading to compare Yahoo!’s Mail domain, homepage and other domains which make up the Yahoo! portal separately to

Hitwise responded to this complaint saying that, “Hitwise ranks over 500,000 websites on a daily basis that includes individual sites as well as the domains and sub-domains of larger websites. The press release issued yesterday included the top-10 domains and at no time, did we represent all MySpace properties compared to all Yahoo properties. The table included in the press release listed the rank order of the individual domains and sub-domains as reported from our data”.

According to iTWire, other website monitors such as and Nielsen also disagree with the Hitwise ranking system. Alexa shows Yahoo! quite significantly on top with MySpace coming in fifth position, and Nielsen also claims Yahoo! to be number one. They also note that there is a belief amongst some marketers that the Hitwise ranking system is flawed because it doesn’t measure unique visitors to a site, a far more important factor to consider rather than measuring page views.

Yahoo! however, still remains the number one online property (see “Yahoo! Claims Top Spot in Online Properties“).

MySpace continues to surge ahead and dominate online social networking sites, capturing close to 80 percent of total visits in June, up from 77 percent in May. Following significantly behind in the competition for market share was Facebook garnering a mere 7.6 percent of total visits.

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