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Monday, August 27, 2007

Mastering the Google Landing Page Quality Score

Posted by @ 8:51 pm

Have your Google AdWords campaigns ever suddenly been with the iron fist of Google. Have they attracted poor quality scores and high click costs, even though your campaigns are going great? If so you may still be missing an important component, landing page relevance. Even with highly relevant keywords and ad copy with great click through rates you can still attract poor quality scores. You’re landing page quality score impacts your AdWords campaign and can have disastrous effects if Google deems your page to be of poor quality.

Firstly we have to remember that there is no Google employee checking your website for relevance. This is completed by ‘robots’ that do not read text on a page like we do, they read your website’s code including keywords, title tags & meta descriptions.

There are two very useful and free tools at our disposal when troubleshooting landing page quality scores and relevance. These are the W3 Semantic Extractor and the Google site related keyword tool. What better way to get information about what Google thinks of your site than using a tool designed by Google to figure out exactly what your site is about?

If your site sells bikes however the Google tool picks up “shoes” as related content in your webpage then this would be classed as poor quality. Another factor affecting quality is content, if you have very limited content or unrelated content on your page then this may also bring about a poor quality score.

As we cannot always rely on machines to get it right, it is up to us make sure that our pages include highly relevant information about the product or services that we are offering. If you are not sure about optimization then you should try to have your site optimized by professionals to ensure that when the robots do visit, they are pointed in the right direction. A highly optimized, relevant landing page will help to lower your click costs in the longer term, increase your organic rankings and make sure that the users experience is a friendly one, which will hopefully increase your overall conversion rates.

ineedhits Team You can click on any of the circles to get more information about the business they represent, essentially giving many more local businesses first page exposure on Google maps. It should be noted that the top 10 listings will still appear as pins on the left hand side of the map.

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