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Monday, February 4, 2008

Marketing Alert -Valentines Day Sales Rush Underway

Posted by @ 5:04 am

Valentines Day, the ultimate Hallmark holiday, is just around the corner and the search rush is already underway. If you’re business is one of the many that gets a revenue boost from loved up shoppers – then you better ensure your online marketing is in full swing.

According to Google Trends, the search spike has already begun, and given the early signs, this year could be another bumper year for retailers and service providers.

Below are the trends for the following search terms in 2007 and 2008 so far: Valentines Day Gifts (blue), Valentines Gifts (red)

As you can see, 2008 already has a steep search trend starting, suggesting the shopping flurry has is underway, and likely to be bigger than last year.

With only 10 days to go, relying on SEO to drive your Valentines Day sales is futile unless you started your program over a month ago, but don’t despair, you can still capitalize using search advertising.

Search advertising programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing can have your business ads live immediately, ensuring your products and services exposed to potential customers instantly.

To give you an idea of the search opportunities in Google Advertising, here are some of the click prices and suggested search volumes for a florist’s search advertising campaign in Google.

Assuming you paid $1 per click (max CPC as above) and have a conversion rate of 20% on visitors to your website (which many of our B2C clients get), then each customer would only cost $5. Assuming your average sale was $15 – that’s a whopping ROI of 300%.

Florists are just one of many industries that are primed to clean up during the Valentines Day fever, so if you’re one of them, kick start your search advertising now!

Rene LeMerle Rene is the marketing manager of - a global search engine marketing company. He also leads the marketing for - a web 2.0 style community for online and digital marketers. Rene has been in the industry since 1997 with much of that time spent helping businesses embrace the best of the internet and digital world.

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