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Sunday, September 2, 2007

KickStart – Yahoo! Looks at Launching New Social Job Network

Posted by @ 8:11 pm

They’re popping up everywhere – social networks are the buzz at the moment, and show no signs of slowing down. So Yahoo!, after several “less than successful” attempts at harnessing the social network space, is tackling it from the recruitment angle with Yahoo! KickStart.

For those of you who haven’t followed Yahoo!’s social networking endeavors, they:

  • Launched Yahoo! 360 a couple of years ago (no real social network penetration)
  • Acquired Flickr and (their most successful social efforts so far)
  • Tried to purchase Facebook (unsuccessfully) and
  • Rumored to be creating a social network called Yahoo! Mosh (grapevine still active)

    So what does the KickStart Social Network offer that differentiates it from the masses? It’s aimed at the recruitment market for college students (at this stage).

    Users will be given profile pages that act as resumes/CVs (think LinkedIn) rather than places to brag about your social status or creative prowess such as MySpace. Employers/corporations then create groups that users can join – but with a catch. To join a group, you need to be invited by a former student who works for the company.

    The project is still in concept stage – with Yahoo! undertaking some market research to determine the feasibility and attraction for such a network. Surveyed college students are asked the question:

    “Wish you had an ‘in’ to find the job of your dreams?” Kickstart is all about finding that ‘in’.”

    It’s an interesting concept, and in the highly competitive and lucrative recruitment market might actually present itself as a useful resource for employers and employees alike. If they don’t follow through – I’m sure someone else will fill the void – quickly!

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