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Monday, May 22, 2006

Is Google Really All Conquering?

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It’s always interesting when the titans of search get put up in the spotlight for comparison and public scrutiny. After demand from the masses, Bill Tancer from Hitwise, a world renowned competitive online intelligence provider, has compiled a comparison table which shows who really is ruling the internet game.

In the pure search domain, the well documented dominance of Google still rings true with Yahoo! and MSN tussling for second and third place but still significantly behind the eight ball.

It does get interesting, when you start comparing the supplementary internet based services each of these companies offer. Take the news category for example. Yahoo! News has a clear lead over Google, with MSN unranked due to its service being included within the core search domain. While they all dominate search, they only make up a measly 3.4% of all internet news visits.

Then the battle for dominant free email service provider. Yahoo! Mail is the clear dominant player, with 42.4% of the market share. MSN and MySpace are the two other significant players…but Google holds a lowly 2.54% – almost off the radar.

And then there were maps. Who would have thought? The much hyped Google Maps and Google Earth take out the 3rd and 5th spots on the title board with Mapquest and Yahoo! taking the top spots respectively – by a long way.

All of them have become household names in the search race, but with the immense traffic volumes (and revenue) that these supplementary services generate, it’s no surprise that they are investing heavily in improving their shares of the market. While Yahoo! and MSN struggle to establish themselves as serious search contenders, the real challenge is for Google to increase its portfolio strength. We all know a one trick pony is very vulnerable and considering all the new product hype, these comparisons suggest Google’s only real trick is search!

Portal Property Rankings and Market Share by Vertical
Search Engines
1 Google 47.4%
2 Yahoo! Search 16.0%
3 MSN Search 11.5%
Email Services
1 Yahoo! Mail 42.4%
2 MSN Hotmail 22.9%
3 MySpace Mail 19.5%
4 Gmail 2.54%
News & Media
1 Yahoo! News 6.3%
5 Google News 1.9%
Travel – Maps
1 Mapquest 56.3%
2 Yahoo! Maps 20.5%
3 Google Maps 7.5%
4 MSN Virtual Earth 4.3%
5 Google Earth 2.0%
source: Hitwise Analyst Weblogs

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