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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Improved Bing Ads Reporting Tool Launched

Posted by @ 9:51 pm

Bing has recently launched an update for its Ads reporting tool which has reportedly made its advertisement coverage interface faster and simpler for end users.

The newer interface and back-end portions of Bing Ads now allows users to run more than one advertisement report at the same time. In addition, savvy consumers can create correlating reports that share the same settings as others easier than before. These settings, like a report’s date range, get carried over once a user changes settings from a campaign to a report or from one report typing to another.

The new features being implemented into the current version of Bing Ads are specifically designed to allow advertisers to take advantage of the tools for the purpose of running effective advertisement campaigns within the Bing/Yahoo! network. According to the official developer blog announcement, the new features are expected to “help lift reporting productivity by up to 150%.”

Bing Ads users can also use other enhancements to the service, like the new and improved Search Query Report and organize their aforementioned reports with the use of the improved Report view of the service, which automatically sorts reports by factors for each campaign that a user runs.

Bing has also altered their date range feature, allowing users to see up to 366 days of related data in the Search Query Report; users will be able to see the entire date range for dates comparative to a report, or as an example, dates up to 7 days from the initial report.

Following the switch over from the older Bing Ad interface, users will be able to perform several tasks, such as running more than one report and creating correlating reports with the same settings, all with just fewer clicks than the previous versions of the service. Users will have an easier time navigating the redesigned navigation, allowing organizing reports to be easier than ever.

You can watch a tutorial video of the reporting changes from the Bing Ads team here.

At this time, advertisers are advised to select the “use the new version” option within the current Bing Ads interface, allowing their dashboard to completely switch over to the newer interface and reports. Following the end of this month, all advertisers will be automatically changed to the new interface.

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