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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Google’s Secret Sections – Uncovered

Posted by @ 7:16 pm

Google's Unseen Sections
It’s always exciting when you un-cover some secret pages or unreleased sections on the internet, and even more so when they belong to Google. After visiting Threadwatch last week, I discovered a bunch of unseen parts/pages to the Google puzzle thanks to Chris (aka Expertu).

While the use and purpose of some of these pages is still unclear, feel free to explore some of Google’s undiscovered sections below:

Useful Pages:
1. See how your website would look on a mobile device.

2. Help Google to translate their services in languages that are not available yet.

3. Remove yourself from Google’s phonebook

4. Change the default URL “not-found” redirect, of Internet Explorer, to a Google search rather than MSN.

5. Get the Blogger Web Comments for Firefox, and view what bloggers have to say about the page you are visiting.

6. Post to your Blogger blog directly from MS Word.

7. Report unauthorised use of your trademark in Adwords or Adsense.

8. View a description of all Google’s programs.

Weird and Random:
Want to be a part of Google’s secret Indian lab?

Something for the romantics?

Links with no clear purpose: List of yet to be explained pages

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Discussion (2 - comments)

Howdy guys, just wanted to give you a heads up on a conference you may want to attend (or rather the next conference they have)…
I also noticed that clay commented at this post too.
A great read anyway


May have some info like this post on Google.

By Rachel Cook - April 24, 2006

Hi Guys

Just re-read my previous post.

To clarify… regarding those blogs I listed at the bottom of my post… you may find material on other companies with secret stuff to disclose.

- Rachel

By Rachel Cook - April 24, 2006

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