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Monday, May 8, 2006

Google’s New Search Page Layout – Latest Update

Posted by @ 6:19 pm

Recently we reported on Google trialing new search page layouts. I provided some code that allowed readers to view their searches under the new layout that Google was testing. Many of you suggested that the code failed to work and were unable to see the new layout in your browsers.

I have since gone back to try and reset my own browser to display Google’s new search page layout and regrettably, it appears that the code provided no longer works. I assume that Google has ended the trials on that layout and the code has been nullified. But new trials are underway!

In researching Google’s layout trials further, I discovered that Google is at it again, but this time testing is being conducted within Google ranks. The new layout is aimed at making their search results more user-centric, with additional information available about sites via expandable results. This information includes:

  • Longer descriptions / Summary
  • Related image
  • Relevant links to the site
  • Search box to search the site

These new features do make the search engines’ results for more useful without causing excessive page clutter which is always a consideration when providing more information. Google is yet to confirm whether they will be incorporating the Orion search technology that the company recently acquired, to power its results.

Whilst the new enhancements are great for searchers, they do raise issues for website owners. As searchers will use this additional information to better determine the relevance of sites, it might have a detrimental impact on traffic, which is sure to have website owners up in arms.

The onus is on Google to ensure the information they provide is an accurate representation of a website’s content. It also reinforces the need for website owners to work on optimizing their web pages to ensure that search engine spiders pick them up under relevant terms and searches. Code optimization and keyword rich content are the key…

Screenshots of the new layouts are available courtesy of cybernetnews.

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