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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Google’s Market Share Slips Below 90% in UK

Posted by @ 8:33 pm

One of the true titans of the internet, the web would be a much different place without Google in our lives. And while it may seem inconceivable to most that someone may not be using the web’s fastest search engine, the numbers don’t lie – there has been a slip in market share in the UK for Google.

For the first time in a long while, Google’s search engine market share has dropped below 90% in the UK – and to be honest, you’d think the sky was falling from the reaction of web experts all over the world. The chatter about the Google drop is amazing on a couple of different levels – one that so many people are talking about how big of a deal this is and two, the fact that the numbers are reporting that it only feel from 90% to 89.33%. It looks like, contrary to popular belief, the sky is not falling.

Here are the official stats (note: Google is still clearly the most popular search engine in the UK):

  • Google Sites: 89.33%
  • Bing Sites: 4.71%
  • Yahoo Sites: 3.33%
  • Ask Sites: 2.13%
  • Others: 0.50%

What should be most startling about this drop in Google usage in the UK is not the fact that there are apparently other offerings making minor inroads on the search titan’s territory, but the fact that a lot of people are considering a drop of less than a single percent to be the sign of the end for Google as we know it. While this should be more of a reflection of the society and world we live in, what does this slip really mean?

Quite simply it means that Google is just like other titans of industry – they have the dominant share of the marketplace but there are hungry, nimble, and very hard working innovative new companies looking to take some of that share away. The cycle of commerce and business is alive and well, and outside of that it says just about nothing other than a few people are searching with other methods in the UK.

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