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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Google’s Market Share Drops in December

Posted by @ 4:32 pm

When most people think about Google, they think about the head honcho of search engines. This is because everywhere you turn you see Google. Google owns a lot of different websites on the Internet! Furthermore, when individuals say they are searching for something on the Internet – it is fairly common for individuals to use the word “Google” or “Googling” in place of the words “search” or “searching”. Naturally, it is only normal for an individual to assume that financially Google is also at the tops. In terms of stocks and shares, you really can’t go wrong investing in in Google can you? Think again! Unfortunately, the Google search market share has begun to drop as of December 2012.

According to ComScore, in December Google was unable to expand past its record breaking United States search market shares. Unfortunately the competitors Yahoo and Bing are continuing to move up while Google is slowly moving down. In November, Google claimed to have a 67% market share of the searches conducted at both work and at home. The unfortunate truth is that this 67% means that the company actually dropped approximately 0.4 percent in December to 66.7%

Here‘s all the official stats:

  • Google: 66.7% (down 0.3%)
  • Bing: 16.3% (up 0.1%)
  • Yahoo: 12.2% (up 0.1%)
  • Ask: 3.0% (unchanged)
  • AOL: 1.8% (up 0.1%)

What’s interesting to now from these statistics is that Yahoo has seen it’s first market share increase since September 2011. I wonder if it will continue?

Unfortunately, no one really knows what is causing the decline in Google’s marketing shares. However, there are a lot of different theories floating around the Internet. For example, some individuals think that Google is a greedy company. Individuals who think that way would prefer to use any other search engine just to spite Google. Spite is not the only theory behind what Google’s marketing shares have dropped. Some individuals just want to try something new. Google is old and comfortable. Google is something people are used to using. Google has also continued to grow into a bigger and bigger website that is harder and harder on certain computers and web browsers. For lots of different reasons individuals are standing to want to use sites like as Bing or Yahoo instead.

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