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Monday, October 24, 2005

Google’s Jagger Update – Depths of Despair

Posted by @ 12:21 am

At the end of last week, another Google update was in full swing. The update with the code name “Jagger” appears to be one of the longest, with signs of changes still appearing at the time of writing. Eminent SEO guru Brett Tabke went as far as calling the Jagger update a “milestone update for Google’ due to the actual duration of the update (several weeks and counting).

Some webmasters have gone into crisis mood, reporting a total drop in Google traffic or a reversal of rankings which were based on several years of search engine optimization work. Other have been ecstatic, experiencing increases in ranking, traffic and PageRank for relatively new web pages.

Discussion (8 - comments)

Normally you guys have good articles but this is sadly lacking…

I clicked through expecting information on jagger, not for a two-paragraph statement that doesn’t tell me anything I’m not already experiencing…

I have always enjoyed good rankings in Google for my site but I crashed this past week and I’m desperately looking for anything that can help…

Maybe someone from ineedhits can write a more involved article that can be emailed to the subscribers?

Thank you and have a good day,
Diane Dennis

By Diane Dennis - October 25, 2005

“…rankings which were based on several years of search engine optimization work.”

Finally readers may get useful content – instead of SEO – as a result of their search. Those years of SEO provided someone who was looking for information about a city, such as Cleveland or Baltimore, an initial list of HOTEL sites – and very little “city” information. Now I can actually find Cleveland and Baltimore INFORMATION. If I want a hotel, I can search for Cleveland Hotels…

Maybe Google is getting it right this time.

By Anonymous - October 25, 2005

I’ve got to agree with Diane I’m afraid – for years we have enjoyed a good search results for several of our websites with Google – now post (or nearly post) jagger we have disapeared – as a paying customer with Ineedhits I really expect a bit better information.

By Anonymous - October 25, 2005

Thanks for tell me about Jagger. My second web site saw a big jump. It had been in the dog house since the Bourbon update. My biggest site saw a 25% drop in earnings. Overall, my earnings remained about the same. Google is such a mystery. Sorry to all who got burned on the last change. Peace.

By James Love - October 25, 2005

Got burned heavy on the bourbon update but after jagger and the partial jagger1 (backlink and PR updates) my sites have seen bursts of traffic and some even got re listed where they had no pages left after the bourbon update now showing results again. web hosting ecommerce site This is good news but can be very frustrating to webmasters , but thank you for the info

By BTR Beta - October 25, 2005

Google was just starting to warm up to us. We will see what the future holds for our serps. web hosting inexpensive site

By Anonymous - October 25, 2005

Blogs seem to be getting all the attention and filtering in the serps from what i can see but its cool to see changes that may be for the better.
My blogs and blogger sites home equity line of credit site could use a boost but backlink and pro updates will help that so jagger is a good thing isnt it?

By equityconsolidation - October 25, 2005

After fixing most of my problems after bourbon update it seemed hopless as the great google gods were punnishing any old site, some are back but some never survived, maybe you guys can write some pointers on the findings after the updaets are completed? My other blog
web hosting could be getting better results but better wait and see for now as more changes could be coming….

By infohosting - October 25, 2005

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