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Monday, April 30, 2007

Google’s Greatest Acquisition (n.b. it didn’t cost them a thing!)

Posted by @ 11:09 pm

Google may have made their greatest acquisition to date – your search history! Last week I wrote about the Google’s new Web History and Google Dice. To enable Google Dice you need Google Web History that in turn relies on you installing the Google Toolbar (with PageRank enabled)!

Danny Sullivan, writing for the Advertising Age, has made a very important point about the new tools, “Google’s Web History feature launched last week but hasn’t received nearly as much attention as the DoubleClick deal. It should. It may matter much more to the future of online-ad delivery, as well as the tailoring of search results.”

What does he mean? Google’s PageRank meter works by ‘seeing’ all the pages that you view, and sending the information back to Google. With this in mind, it is possible that Google will start tailoring search results based on the searcher!

“As a result, a car enthusiast searching for “saturn” may get more results about the car, while an amateur astronomer may get more results about the planet.”

The repercussions are quite extraordinary for search marketers – rather than the same search results for everyone, there would be a slightly different set of results for each person! Paid advertising may have just got a little more interesting – targeting browsers based on prior search history, knowing where they have been and where their interests lie.
For users and webmasters, there is also a bright side. Good quality content should thrive – it attracts visits (and return visits), that will register in people’s web histories thus resulting in better ranking for quality sites!
The knowledge that Google has bought with their Web History and PageRank tools may be the most important acquisition they have ever made! I can’t wait to see what pans out in Google Adwords and AdSense in the near future – what’s going to happen next?

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How long before yahoo decides to add the page rank feature to their tool bar??????

Anita Bonville
Bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, bathing suits, and, cover-ups

By Anonymous - May 28, 2007

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