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Monday, August 28, 2006

Google, Yahoo! & MSN Undergo Search Updates

Posted by @ 4:50 pm

All the major search engines are updating their indexes in same way at the moment. These index tweaks always have website owners watching anxiously, hoping that the updates will have a positive impact on their rankings.

Google is updating back links at some of its data centers. This comes hot on the heels of a recent data refresh which saw many web pages sent into supplemental results.

While the back link update shouldn’t affect rankings immediately, website owners will be concerned should they see their back link counts drop. Google uses back links to determine its PageRank score, which it suggests plays a significant role in its rankings.

Yahoo! has also conducted an update, rolling out a new search index. The impact of its index revision has had more immediate effects on its ranking results. Initial feedback from the forums has been generally negative, with many webmasters complaining that the results have lost relevancy. As with all index updates, there are many website owners that are pleasantly surprised with their improved rankings too.

And to round off the trifecta, MSN attempted an index update also. A bug was reported in the initial update, which lead to the top 5 sites being duplicated on the 1st and 2nd page of results. MSN was quick to roll back the update after several complaints and is working on remedying the obvious bug. MSNdude stated:

We rolled back the recent update, so we’re back to the status quo ante. All of your complaints may be accurate :-) but they shouldn’t be any worse than they were a few days ago.

So the best thing to do right now, is to hold on tight and get ready for the ride. With Google, Yahoo! and MSN playing with indexes and results, there’s sure to be complaints a plenty. The key is to not get caught up in the excitement. Stick to your SEO plans and strategies and you should be okay.

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