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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Google Video: How to Make Your Website Multilingual

Posted by @ 9:32 pm

Google is always looking to expand and grow the services that they offer. They recently rolled-out a video for webmasters that helps them make their website available in more languages. This could be an important development for webmasters because making their website available in more languages could mean more sales. This webmaster help video is provided by the Developer Programs Tech Lead Male Ohye.

The video describes the details of using “ rel=”alternate”” and how it can be used to change an English based site into a multilingual/multinational site. The video walks website owners through the following steps of making your website bilingual:

  1. Webmaster Help Center article on rel=”alternate” hreflang and hreflang=”x-default”:
  2. Working with multilingual sites
  3. New markup for multilingual content
  4. Introducing “x-default hreflang” for international landing pages
  5. Webmaster discussion forum FAQ on internationalization
  6. Webmaster discussion forum from internationalization

The video explains that some of the recommended uses for rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” includes:

  1. Only translating the template on your page like the navigation and footer and keeping the main content into one language. This is a great feature website that contains user-generated content such as a forum.
  2. This is also for pages that have a broad range of similar content within one language, but there are small regional variations within the language. An example of this would be having English-language content for an audience containing US, GB and Ireland residents.ite.
  3. This is imperative for a site content that needs to be completely translated. This means you can have both the German and English language available on your website.

You can watch the full video here:

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