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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Google Updates Privacy Policy to Bring Unity to Services

Posted by @ 11:40 pm

A warning to all Google users: the Internet giant is doing away with their 70 different privacy policies across Google properties and replacing them with one main privacy policy that will be much easier for users to read and comprehend.

With this change Google plans to track users across its multiple products and features, so that a simple and intuitive user experience can be created for all Google users. This new all in one policy will cover Gmail, YouTube, Google+, search and almost all of the other Google products . For example, if you spent the last hour searching for information about the New England Patriots, the next time you visit YouTube, there’s a good chance you will get recommendations for videos featuring Tom Brady. In addition, Google will be able to use the extra data to customize suggested search queries, display more relevant ads (i.e. Super Bowl tickets), and alter the search results to match your intent.

The change, which combines 70 privacy documents into one, will go into effect on March 1st and it’s mandatory for all Google users; there is no option for you to opt-out of it. However Google assures that users’ privacy preferences are unchanged.

What does this change mean for Google users? Google says that the change is quite minimal expect that it will be tracking your activities on its various properties only to return more personalized and relevant search results, however privacy advocates have other opinions.

This announcement has not been well received by those who are opposed to the idea of Google collecting large amounts of personal data from user activity across its multiple properties. To combat this Google is making sure to inform all their users, well in advance about this change by sending out a personalized email to all Gmail users.

Google however, justifies its decision saying that shorter, simpler privacy policies – and one policy covering many different products -  is now fairly standard practice across the web. Also Google has assures its users that they are not going to sell out or share personal information externally without your permission. Phew!

If you “really” want to view more details on the policy, the overview is here.

In the end all this means is better information for advertisers for more targeted ad delivery – a marketer’s dream and Google’s as well.

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