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Monday, June 11, 2012

Google Trusted Stores Programs Now Free for All U.S. Merchants

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One of the big hurdles that online merchants have to overcome is convincing customers that they are legitimate businesses. With so many scams online, it is difficult for customers to be able to separate the good companies from the bad companies.

Thanks to Google, this may be a little bit easier for businesses moving forward. Google recently announced that their “Trusted Stores” program is now free for all merchants in the United States.

What is the Trusted Stores Program?

The Google Trusted Stores program is an initiative to provide some reassurance to customers who are making purchases online. When a company participates in the Trusted Stores program, it gets an emblem to put on its website, that reassures customers. The emblem will also show up next to the merchant’s AdWords ads if they are participating in that advertising program. Google also mentioned that this will have no effect on ranking the ads.

What Information is Provided?

When a business chooses to participate in the Trusted Stores program, Google will display certain types of information to customers. For example, customers have the option of looking at shipping information, and the company’s customer service track record. If the company gets a lot of complaints, then it can be removed from the Trusted Stores program.

Participating in the Program

In order to participate in the program, businesses will need to implement some tracking code into their business website. They will also have to send shipping information on every order to Google, so that this information can be tracked. Google also will offer a customer support team and $1,000 in consumer protection, in case something goes wrong.

Should You Participate?

The companies that have been participating in the Trusted Stores beta program have reported an increase in conversions and order size. However, some businesses may not like the idea of having to involve Google in every transaction. Implementing the program may also be too technical for some small businesses. Businesses that have the capabilities of implementing the program, and working with Google can potentially increase sales, and improve their bottom lines. It remains to be seen how many U.S. merchants will take Google up on their offer.

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