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Monday, February 13, 2012

Google the Biggest Winner from SuperBowl Searches

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Google have been quick to release some search statistics on the volume and type of searches done during the Super Bowl and the top search queries are quite surprising.

The top searches  were not for the game itself but instead for Madonna’s half time performance. In fact searches for the game itself failed to make it to the top 2 spots of the all searches completed on the night of the mega event.

The top search queries during the game were: Madonna, Halftime show, Patriots, Tom Brady and Giants. Being the first ever Super Bowl matches to be streamed live, it had the public glued to Google to find where, exactly, the match was being live-streamed.

Tom Brady dominated the list of players searched for and was soon over taken by Eli Manning both in the game and in search volume. Apart from this searches for the Spanish version of the live-stream topped the list of top search queries. Here are the results in graph form:

As you can see in the graph above, searches peaked at kickoff, and were made predominantly on desktop, followed by mobile phone and then tablet searches. While 25% of the searches related to Super Bowl commercials were done on the mobile devices before the game, the number of mobile searches spiked to 41% during the game indicating the increased dependence of users on mobile searches.

According to Google, “Super Bowl ad related searches in the US rose 200% on desktop, 970% on tablets and a massive 2700% on Smartphone’s.” Google goes on to use this bit of data to highlight the increasing importance of mobile advertising to advertisers who are still using TV ads to promote their business. Advertisers should by now know the importance of integrating mobile advertising in their marketing plans as these figures clearly indicate that mobile searches can deepen consumer engagement with their brands and extend the value of their ad buy beyond the 30 seconds on air.

For example, Toyota’s ads encourage users to ‘Shazam’ the TV ad for a chance to win a new Camry. And by integrating a mobile search ad campaign with their Super Bowl TV ad, Volkswagen ensured mobile users could find and continue watching their ad during and after the game.

Meanwhile, here’s Google’s infographic on how the Super Bowl fared online.

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