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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google Structured Data Dashboard Introduced to Webmaster Tools

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If you thought that Google was done rolling out all of the new changes they had up their sleeve and would be keeping things status quo for a bit, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Google continues to introduce new tools for advertisers, webmasters and Google users alike. This latest development is for webmasters. Google has brought another new feature over to its Webmaster Tools offerings.

The new tool, which goes by the name of the ‘Structured Data Dashboard,’ has been designed to enable webmasters to better access and utilize the structured data that Google has gathered that pertains to their website. It is available in the section of Google Webmaster Tools labeled ‘Optimization’ and gives you the option of using one of three different views. Each view has its own particular strengths and benefits which makes it is hard to recommend which would be best for you as that truly depends on your specific needs are as a webmaster and business owner.

Here are the three views you can choose between:

(1) Site-Level View
This view aggregates all data and categorizes them by root item type and by vocabulary scheme. Root item type data refers to items that are not attributes of others located on that same page.

(2) Item-Type Level
This view provides the user with details for every item on a per-page basis. Google describes this in the following way: “Google parses and stores a fixed number of pages for each site and item type…They are stored in decreasing order by the time in which they were crawled. We also keep all their structured data markup. For certain item types we also provide specialized preview columns as seen in this example below (e.g. ‘Name’ is specific to Product).

(3) Page-Level View
This view shows all of the attributes related to each item type on one separate page. You will also find a link to bring you to Google’s Rich Snippet testing tool for the page if you wish to check it out.

The Structured Data Dashboard is definitely poised to be one of the more valuable tools Google has to offer webmasters. With this tool you can keep an eye out to ensure that Google picks up on new markups and to see if Google is experiencing issues regarding older markup. There are so many different ways that you can use these new features and you’d better believe Google will be releasing new upgrades to this tool as they begin to smooth out the wrinkles with it. Webmasters now have yet another reason to use Google’s webmaster tools.

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