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Monday, May 1, 2006

Google Spreads the Da Vinci Code Hype

Posted by @ 6:32 pm

One of Da Vinci's most famous drawings: The Vitruvian Man
In time for the hotly anticipated worldwide release of the movie “The Da Vinci Code”, based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, Google is indulging in a little cross-promotion.

If you perform a search for any keyword in the U.S., the U.K. or Australia and scroll down to the very bottom of the search results page, you’ll see a link saying “New! Crack the Code: Play the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google.” This link leads you to the co-branded “Da Vinci Code Quest” page (part of the Sony Pictures site). The quest, which has already been running for several weeks, involves 24 puzzles (one for every day up to the launch of the movie).

Players need to successfully solve the daily puzzles and afterwards receive riddles that can be cracked by using Google Maps, Google Search, Google Video or other Google services. To start, you also need a Google account to be able to participate in the game. That’s a pretty solid cross-promotion effort!

The first 10,000 players to solve all puzzles correctly will get given a final challenge involving a ‘gauntlet’ of puzzles which they need to solve within only 48 hours. If you make it through to the end, you get the chance of winning prizes ranging from a holiday in New York to a hip Sony gadgets.

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