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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Google Search Enhancements – New Brand Refinement, Similar Pages and more..

Posted by @ 8:57 pm

It’s been a busy week in the Google camp, with a range of tweaks, new releases and enhancements.

The first range of enhancements involve tweaks to Google’s web search engine results pages (SERPs).

Users will now be greeted with 2 new navigation options integrated directly into the listings area.

  • 1. Brand Refinement in Search Results.

Now when users go searching for products, Google will include “Brand” links above the rest of the organic results for common queries.

“…we wanted to make it easier for you to find the brands other people consider useful for popular product searches. So this week we launched a search refinement that calls out brand names related to your query in a single line above the rest of the results.”

It’s prime search real estate for brand marketers, so if they become a permanent fixture of the SERPs – expect to see some heavy research into optimizing for this placement.

For businesses want to feature in the Brand links, Google suggests that they are determined “algorithmically” – so the key to being featured is ensuring your “brand” is searched heavily in conjunction with relevant products.

Example searches: [wedding dress], [digital camera] and [stroller]

  • 2. Similar Pages in Search Results.

Google have been providing similar pages links for quite some time, but they have been somewhat hidden up until now.

Google offers the similar link to help users identify other websites that offer similar content/relevance to a particular listing in the results page.

Now Google will automatically show a handful of similar page links related to the top listing in the results page. The similar listings will feature under the organic results as below:


  • 3. The Mobile Changes

Google has also released some mobile enhancements, continuing its efforts to maintain an ascendency in this burgeoning space.

iPhone’s and Android devices are getting a new image search functionality. Driven by the goals of improving speed and the quality of images displayed, the new image search will standardise thumbnails, providing easier previewing, and allow users to scan through much faster.

Google’s Place Pages have also gone mobile. Google released place pages last year, which organize useful information about places on Google maps. These have now been optimized to simplify viewing on the go.

Google has been prolific to say the least with its ongoing schedule of new tests, enhancements and releases. Let us know what you think of these latest improvements via our comments below.

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Discussion (7 - comments)

[...] some larger enhancements were recently announced by Google including brand refinement, another new feature slipped quietly [...]

By Google Launches On-Screen Search Keyboards | ineedhits - May 3, 2010

Have you tried It may generate better results some times.

By Jinsheng - May 3, 2010

I just posted as well about google brand links

I am in the camp that this can be a good thing actually.

By aj - May 4, 2010

Is this a global thing or just USA? I can not see the brand search on our local google as yet
Cheers Great article thanks for keeping us up to date
Craig Connelly

By craig - May 4, 2010

Hi Guys, I have been watching my site slowly creaping up the rankings thanks to Ineedhits, but it seams to have got stuck at the bottom of page 7.
Just wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned about this.

By Mark Garnham - May 19, 2010

Mark – it really depends on what type of service you are using at ineedhits and also what keywords you are targeting. I would suggest contacting Customer Service direct.

By Clay Cook - May 22, 2010

[...] Google Launches 3 Major Search Enhancements [...]

By ineedhits Newsletter Archive » SEO News | Google Launches 3 Major Search Enhancements - November 23, 2011

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