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Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Says Submit Reconsideration Requests in Native Language

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Google has suggested to webmasters looking to file reconsideration requests for their website that they should do so in their native language.

Following a recent Italian-language blog post by a concerned blogger, the topic of sending internationally based reconsideration requests to Google opened a forum of discussion for many users. A webmaster with an Italian-language website submitted a few reconsideration requests to Google after receiving no response for their first few attempts. Google later responded to the webmaster, stating that they had found that most of the webmaster’s site content was in a language that they didn’t support.

The response was considered unusual by many users, including the aforementioned blogger, due to the fact that Google does in fact respond to reconsideration requests for websites in most languages apart from English.

However, Google has an explanation for the situation. Google Software Engineer Matt Cutts recently addressed the issue via Hacker News, stating that the response in particular was sent to the webmaster because they submitted an English-language reconsideration request for an Italian-language website. As a result, the request went to an English-language speaker instead of the appropriate one.

Some webmasters suggest that Google should have instead forwarded the request to an Italian-language speaker, avoiding confusion about the request in question altogether. In addition, there’s also the insinuation that Google may be conducting an experiment regarding reconsideration requests queries in other languages.

Google’s experimental feature allows Google to select reconsideration requests that are eligible for receiving more detailed responses from the search engine conglomerate itself. As of now, Google is currently running an experimental version of the feature for English-language requests.

In Cutt’s Hacker News comment, he confirmed that the situation in question was being done to provide a more detailed explanation for reconsideration requests. Google is also looking for more feedback regarding the feature, allowing them to eventually attempt sending more detailed answers.

Cutts also addressed the webmaster who had initially questioned Google about their response. He mentioned that the webmaster had sent multiple reconsideration requests, and eventually got their English-language request selected for Google’s aforementioned experiment. When their site’s content was reviewed, however, the content was in Italian, triggering the message in question, since the feature only supports English.

The comment was concluded by Cutts noting that Google does respond to most reconsideration requests, however they won’t be able to give in-depth answers when it comes to most languages as of this time.

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By Google Says Submit Reconsideration Requests in Native Language - November 19, 2012

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