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Friday, November 4, 2011

Google Revamps AdWords Location Targeting

Posted by @ 8:06 am

Google recently announced an update to their AdWords location targeting interface which is now connected to Google Maps. This will help in returning more accurate results for advertisers including more information about locations, relevant location suggestions, and an overall improved performance of the ad campaign.

With the new location targeting tool, advertisers will find it easier to discover new potential locations to target their ads.

Advertisers can now pick the options that they think will be most beneficial for their business based on the following features:

  1. Easily discover locations: Just start typing locations in your campaign settings section and Google will start to make suggestions for you
  2. View targeted areas on a map: Advertisers can also view their locations via a map, which shows more detailed location outlines. The updated tool also shows the boundaries of multiple locations selected simultaneously. Once a location is chosen, advertisers can easily add, exclude, or view nearby locations by clicking the appropriate links.
  3. Reach Numbers: This feature will help advertisers estimate the audience within their targeted location. The numbers shown will be based on the number of users recorded by Google on its various properties.


In addition to the changes outlined above, there are a few more changes that advertisers should be aware of when planning their ad campaigns:

  1. Increased location targeting limits: Google has now increased the location target limits from 300 to 10,000 locations (plus 500 additional proximity targets) per campaign.
  2. Polygon targeting migration: For existing polygon targets, users will see a ‘feature removal planned’ badge that signifies that Google AdWords will continue to support this feature through the end of the year. However it is recommended that users try out the new Target a radius feature which now allows selective addition of locations within the set target radius.

Have you had a chance to use this new location feature yet for your AdWords campaign? If so, we would love you to share your feedback below.

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