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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Google Releases Video Explaining Search Results

Posted by @ 4:48 pm

Popular Google blogger Matt Cutt’s has just released a video describing the different features of a Google search result. Matt is the head of Google’s webspam team and filmed the video early last week while visiting Google’s Kirkland office.

The video gives a quick rundown on the different areas of Google search results and explains how they work and where Google gets the data for each element. The video can be viewed below:

For those who prefer a text version, here is a brief summary of the clip:

Title – Usually the title of your website but Google can use listings from the Open Directory Project if it deems this to be more relevant. Matt also gives an SEO tip that webmasters should aim to use relevant keywords in their title tag.

Snippet – This text can be taken from the meta description tag, the Open Directory Project or from text on the webpage. Google may take text from anywhere on the page in an effort to serve the most relevant data.

Plus Box – The plus box can provide additional information such as stock quotes or address information if it is relevant for a particular search.

URL – The URL line displays the websites web address, Cached link and some other relevant links. The cached link shows when the webpage was last crawled by Google spiders as well as its content at this time. This can be useful if the actual URL is down or under maintenance.

Bolding – Google bolds the search term throughout search results so users can determine how relevant the website may be to their query.

Site links – These links provide additional sub-pages from the URL as determined by Google spiders. There is no money involved with these links and they are strictly determined by Google’s algorithm.

I hope Matt’s video helped you understand the different areas of Google search results. If you have any questions, or want to get indexed in Google in only 7 days, please leave a comment below!

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