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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Google Releases Instant Preview Checker in Webmaster Tools

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Google launched the Instant Previews in their SERPs back in November. The feature allows searchers to see a snapshot of the search listing to determine its relevancy before entering the site. However website owners have been complaining about how the pages are being rendered via the instant previews.

Google responded to the criticism highlighting that these problems were due to blocked resources due to a robots.txt entry, cloaking, and poor alternative content when Flash is unavailable.

To help webmasters deal with these problems, Google has launched a new “Instant Preview tool” in the Labs section of Webmaster Tools to help webmasters diagnose the problems. Using these tools webmasters can see what their sites will look like on Instant preview and correct the errors. The tool is presently available in English only and can be found under the “Labs” tab in Webmaster Tools.

Google explained on their official blog post:

“Here, you can input the URL of any page on your site. We’ll then fetch the page from your site and try to render it both as it would display in Chrome and through our Instant Preview renderer. Please keep in mind that both of these renders are done using a recent build of Webkit which doesn’t include plugins such as Flash or Silverlight, so it’s important to consider the value of providing alternative content for these situations. Alternative content can be helpful to search engines, and visitors to your site without the plugin would benefit as well. Below the renders, you’ll also see automated feedback on problems our system can detect such as missing or roboted resources”.

Webmasters can see how their pages will look in Instant preview at

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