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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Google Realtime Search Given 2nd Chance Thanks to Google+

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Back in 2009 when Google users wished to receive live news from around the world in a Google search, the company launched ‘Realtime Search’. Most of the results (real time news) was aggregated from social networking channels like Twitter, Facebook and a few other such sites.

However, after failing to reach an agreement with Twitter last month, Google had to pull the pin on Realtime Search – or so we thought…

We’re hearing that Google Realtime Search is set to make a comeback. But this time, the service will not be dependant on Twitter feeds, instead it will provides updates from Google’s very own social network, Google+. This is clever as it means that Google can also prove that Realtime search is not dependant on external sources (Twitter and Facebook) for content, while also providing more exposure to the general public for its newest project, Google+. (cross-promotion, anyone?)

Responding to a question regarding the revival of Realtime search, Google’s Amit Singhal confirmed that the company was “actively working” on resurrecting the service and it seems that it has by integrating Google+ data  into the results. Singhal also noted that data from other social services would also be included in this “new version of Realtime Search”, but he was sketchy on any specific details regarding the external sources.

There is also good news for those wanting a search engine directly in the Google+ social network – Singhal confirmed “We are on it”. This is exciting and would give it the edge over Facebook.

While this is good news for Realtime search loyalist, one question that is being asked by many is, whether Google+ content will be able to match the popularity and quality of Twitter content?

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