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Monday, May 12, 2008

Google Presentation: “What Google Knows About Spam”

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Popular Google employee Matt Cutts has posted his presentation from the recent Web 2.0 expo on what Google knows about spam. The presentation was a keynote speech at the conference and gives webmasters some great tips on how to avoid spam penalties for their sites.

One of the key points Matt makes during the presentation is that search engine optimization is definitely not spam:

“Search engine optimization, the practice of trying to get your sites web site
to rank higher in search engines, is not spam. Google does not hate SEO.”

He refers to spam (or webspam) as someone trying to cheat, take shortcuts or break the rules, so that their website shows up higher than it deserves to show up. Some of the common examples he shows are sites using keyword stuffing, repetition and hidden text to try and artificially boost their rankings.

Matt then comments that if you can frustrate spammers (cost them time or effort) they are less likely to spam your website. Finally Matt encourages all webmasters to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools which can help provide notifications to website owners if Google finds any problem with their site.

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For a good 9 months my site was on pages 1-3 for all of my keywords & phrases. All of a sudden my SERP ranking was getting worse. After 3months, my site was no where to be found. I attributed it to having the same Title & Description info on every web page. After reading Forums, SEO Newsletters & SEO Sites, I attributed my ranking problem was due to that. I totally revamped by site and researched keyword phrases & keywords & changed the Title & Description info for every webpage. I started wondering why 3 of my competitions websites were above mine in the SERPs for the same Titles & Descriptions. I looked at their code and found 4 lines of hidden Title Text in each site. I reported them to Google: and then reported them to Yahoo: It appears that nothing was done to reprimand them as they are still on page 1 for most keyword phrases. How many times do they need to be reported and how does Google pick & choose who they are going to pull off the SERPS for not following SEO Practices? Thank you, Marian –

By Marian - May 13, 2008

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