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Monday, June 4, 2012

Google Penguin 1.1 Update Released

Posted by @ 7:49 pm

To continue the never-ending fight against web spam, Google’s Matt Cutts announced the release of the latest instalment of the Penguin ranking algorithm updates.

Called Penguin 1.1, this release is an update of the initial Penguin algorithm set loose back in April of this year.

Cutts, the chief web spam fighter at Google, tweeted news of this release saying that it will affect about 0.1% of all English websites.

Speculation across the web world had been rampant that Google had released several Penguin updates since April. However, Cutts squashed that rumour by assuring website owners that this Penguin release was the first since the initial launch.

The purpose of this release is to weed out websites that are breaking the rules as stated in Google’s quality guidelines, Cutts said.

As was true when Google released Panda in early 2011, many webmasters cried foul and raised the issue of whether or not this Penguin released returned bad results. To make matters more difficult for website owners, Cutts said Google would no longer honour reconsideration applications because this Penguin release was an algorithm update.

This means that website owners who believe that their site was unfairly penalized by Penguin will need to use a different avenue. Google has set up another form for webmasters to use if they think their site got slammed in error.

Speculation among webmasters is again rampant with many asking how to deal with this latest spring cleaning of spammy websites by Google.

No consensus has emerged for a solution and, as was true with Panda, some website owners are throwing up their hands in frustration.

Comments at the site showed that webmasters were perplexed in trying to analyse domain name keyword anchors and links affected by Penguin. Others commented that they have lost 50% of their traffic. Webmasters have also reported drops in page ranking.

Have you noticed an impact to your Google ranking or traffic since 25th May?

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