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Monday, January 28, 2013

Google Overhaul’s Image Search; Webmasters Rejoice

Posted by @ 7:03 pm

Over the next few days, Internet users worldwide will begin to see a drastic change to Google’s Image Search.

As most people are aware, the current Google Image Search requires multiple steps to view images. Currently, when a user searches for an image, they are brought to a search result page with different images. To see a bigger version of the picture, users have to click on it and then they are brought to another page. To view another picture, they have to go back to the image result page and then click on another picture. It can become quite a hassle for those who want to look at multiple pictures.

The new change to Google Image Search will now bring up a larger image when an image is clicked on the image result page. Users will have the ability to look through multiple images in a way that does not require multiple clicking. Simply using their keyboard, users will be able to skip through the different images instead of needing to go back to the search result page and selecting a new image.

This new change will also add four clickable targets that will make it easier for users to visit the actual website that the image is being hosted on. This update to Google Image Search will also prevent phantom visits, which many publishers have noticed happening to the current system. More information on the results will also be displayed, including metadata, the page hosting the image, its size, and domain name. This is designed to increase click-through rates to the sites hosting the images.

During the testing of this new update, it was reported that Google noticed an increase in click-through traffic, which should make webmasters very happy.

You can find out more about this update to Google Image search here.

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