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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Google Now Allows Searchers to ‘Mute’ Ads

Posted by @ 3:50 pm

At the beginning of July 2012, Google proudly announced a new feature which would allow its users to click on a small cross (displayed as an “x”) on advertisements displayed in the top-right hand corner of the selected ads display. After the user has clicked on the “x” users will find the ads are now muted and you will not be shown from that particular campaign again. After you have muted the ad you will have the option to undo the muting, should you change your mind at a later date.

Google is convinced this is an all round winner as the displayed ads will no longer feature pointless and irritating ads to its users and the advertisers will no longer waste its monies on advertising its goods to those who elect to mute the unwanted ads. If you mute an ad, the advertiser will stop being charged advertising fees to that particular user. Google are also hoping that the ad-blocking feature will be a real winner with publishers too. If blog or website publishers are now displaying ads that are more desirable to the user, then the conversion rates are bound to become more successful as a result. Therefore more Google AdWords revenue for the publisher, a richer experience for the user with more relevant ad controls and advertisers will see its advertising investments far more scrupulously applied.

Google promises its user experience to show more relevant advertisements in future; at least that is the type of message you will get from Google after you mute your unwanted ad. The blocking or muting of an ad can sometimes fail however; if the advertising product decides to use a different advertiser for example. It may be that you have muted one campaign from a particular advertising company but another advertising company may use the same campaign or at least one that is vastly similar. This all leaves the user to think they were 100% certain that campaign was blocked and now they are baffled as to why it has suddenly reappeared.

It would only take a small bit of program tweaking from Google to rectify this oversight. But another loophole found was; if the advertiser decided to show an ad using a whole new campaign but the advertising message was virtually identical to the one the user had previously blocked, the user will see that same tired old ad rear its ugly head once more.

So I guess there are still a few crinkles to iron out, but muted ads are certainly on the right path to improving the users searching experience.

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