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Monday, June 25, 2012

Google Maps Now Helps Bosses Track Staff

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Google’s new map tool is a blessing for bosses and a curse for wayward employees. It combines the features of Google Maps and Google Latitude. The new service, called Google Coordinate, allows a boss to keep track of their employees in real time.

Coordinate allows a company to keep track of everyone they have in the field. It allows a boss to set up jobs and tasks that need to be completed. With the locations of all employees displayed, it’s a simple task to pick whoever is closest to the job site and assign the task to them. Nearby employees can join in the task, and those further away don’t need to worry about it.

Google Maps Coordinate is of great benefit for any business with employees out in the field constantly, from parcel services to cable companies. Employees can see nearby jobs and check in to them, as well as update the status of the job when it’s complete. Bosses can add and remove these jobs, assign tasks, and just keep track of where everyone is at any given time. Employers can also add fields of information for their employees to collect on the job, whether it’s measurements relevant to the job or a client’s contact information.

For the moment, Google Maps Coordinate is only available to businesses. In the future, it could be an excellent tool for organizing social gatherings, planning day trips, and picking a central location to meet. Families could use it to keep track of phone-using children on vacation. Bosses of course can use it to monitor their employees and their progress on jobs. Unfortunately, they can also use it to spy on their employees and see if they’re shirking their duties.

Coordinate is available cross-platform on any mobile device that can access Google Maps in the first place. While there have been issues in the past with Latitude, including long periods of downtime, the new function indicates the issues are resolved. Coordinate is also compatible with Google’s Indoor Maps, which is helpful for smaller scale jobs.

Google Coordinate is the next logical step in using Google Maps for business applications. Used correctly, it will help streamline the use of employees in the field, keep them on task when they’re on the job, and get things done much faster. It could be a godsend for delivery teams, tow services and more across the country.

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