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Monday, May 3, 2010

Google Launches On-Screen Search Keyboards

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While some larger enhancements were recently announced by Google including brand refinement, another new feature slipped quietly under the radar, but is likely to be a big help for international searchers.

Google has launched a virtual keyboard into its search engine for searchers whose language uses non-Latin scripts (such as Hebrew, Polish and Arabic).

According to Google’s Manish Bhargava “many people are more comfortable formulating search queries in their own language but have difficulty typing these queries into Google.” So that’s why the virtual keyboard was created.

The on-screen keyword lets you type directly in your local language script no matter where you are or what computer you’re using.


You will see this virtual keyboard if you use Google search in any of the supported languages. A keyboard icon will appear next to your search bar and when clicked will produce the keyboard.
You can find further details on the virtual keyboards in the Google help article here.

These keyboards have been integrated in Google search in 35 languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Serbian, Thai and Russian.

If your language isn’t supported yet, then submit your vote for it to Google here.

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By ONENSELOX - May 16, 2010

[...] Google Launches On-Screen Search Keyboards [...]

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