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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google Launches Merchant Center for Product Submission

Posted by @ 6:55 pm

Earlier this week, Google announced the launch of the Google Merchant Center, which allows business owners to submit any product-type items to Google. These product listings can then be used to help shoppers find your site using Google Product Search, or even integrated with your AdWords campaigns.

To get started and submit your products, visit the Google Merchant Center page and upload your items via data feeds or direct uploads. Once these have been submitted successfully you can then check the status of your items and get information on the performance of your listings. Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard which includes performance stats:


The Merchant Center is a spin off from Google Base, which will still be available for the submission of other (non-product) structured content. To transition any of your current product listings from Google base, simply sign in to the Merchant Center using the same Google account and your existing feed details should be there.

Submitting your products is free and only takes a few minutes so I’d recommend giving it a shot if you have any suitable products! For more details, head over to the new Google Merchant Blog.

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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Discussion (3 - comments)

Hello, If you are an affiliate, can I advertise my affiliate links to products in google merchant centre?
If you have the links on your web pages can I advertise that page in the google merchant centre?

By jean-pierre lemillour - October 6, 2009

I’m having the same problem. Google told me that they aren’t using the Ebay data feed anymore that all of Ebay’s sellers should be going thru Ebay only and not thru this data feed. All of my products disappeared from my Google Base. They told me to use some kind of spreadsheet. Guess what, I have no clue on how to set this spreadsheet up and manually adjust the fields so that the products would fit. This stuff needs someone who can figure out what they are talking about and I don’t. Also, they say to use my Google Adwords. I have an Adwords acct. but not using it because I just can’t afford to advertise anymore. I was spending $200-$300 a month but could not compete with the big advertisers. Not even close to what they spend. So all of my options are gone. I really like the old way of putting my products in one by one. That way I had control but didn’t have to do any thing that was out of my knowledge base. I just hate it when these search engines think that everyone knows how to do all of this technical stuff. Make it simple not more complicated.

By Jan - October 6, 2009

[...] Google Launches Merchant Center for Product Submission | ineedhits [...]

By Hair Styling Tools | Hair Blog - October 27, 2009

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