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Monday, October 4, 2010

Google Launches Analytics Dashboard

Posted by @ 6:20 pm

Google has launched the Google Analytics Status Dashboard, which lets users check on the current status of components in Google Analytics, such as Data Collection, Web Report, and the GData API.

So now you can check whether data from sites are being collected by Google Analytics servers correctly, whether users can view the reports correctly when they sign in to their accounts, and whether the APIs are working properly.

Google Analytics processes huge volumes of data for websites around the world everyday, thanks to Google’s globally renowned infrastructure,” Yi Wang from the Google Analytics Product Team, wrote.

While we never stop focusing on system reliability and scalability, we also want to make sure our users have an easy way to get the latest updates from us should there be a problem,” he added.

The dashboard is similar to the Google Apps Dashboard, here is a screenshot of it:

The data collection indicator (see above) shows whether the analytics data is being gathered correctly from the websites. The Web Report indicator shows if the users can log into their Analytics account and view the data being gathered. Finally, the GData API indicator shows whether the Analytics APIs are working.

Like with the similar Google Dashboards, there are some limitations. The data is not real-time, and is likely updated just a few times a day. Also, it only shows global availability so it’s only of use in the event of a major failure.

If you take the dashboard for a test drive, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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how do you access the google status dashboard

By Bruce Moore - October 5, 2010

Bruce, you can access this new Gooogle dashboard here:

By Courtney Mills - October 5, 2010

[...] Comments [...]

By Google Launches The Analytics Status Dashboard | DevNewz - October 6, 2010

[...] Comments [...]

By Google Launches The Analytics Status Dashboard | Programming Blog - October 6, 2010

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