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Monday, June 18, 2012

Google Joins Facebook and Twitter – Badware Efforts

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A new alliance has been created between Google, IAB, AOL, Twitter and Facebook against ads that include badware. They have created a new group called Ads Integrity Alliance that is intended to protect all of the users of these websites from these advertisements. This initiative was recently announced by the organization that runs the website,

According to the organization, the alliance is designed so that industry leaders can share practices and ideas for preventing badware in advertisements. The platform was created to showcase bad actors and share the information with law enforcement officials and the makers of policies. The mission of the group is to make the Internet safer for all web users. Combatting badware is difficult alone, but together the groups can bring about a change within the system.

Google recently created a blog post about the initiative. The Public Policy Manager at Google wrote that last year more than 800,000 advertising groups violated Google’s policies. This amounted to a total of more than 130 million advertisements. The ads featured malware, computer viruses and counterfeit goods. Google has had many issues with stopping badware in the past. If Google stops advertisers from using malware, they switch to a different advertising agency. With the help of the coalition, Google seeks to end malware for good. No change can be effected from within the system if actors just switch to another program. In order to end common advertising issues, Google has joined forces across the Internet to move the web forward.

StopBadware was formed with a threefold purpose in mind. Together, these companies will seek to share recommendations and practices across the web. They want to share the trends they discover with law enforcement agencies and create a platform for information sharing about badware.

Badware has been a problem in the past for users on the web. It makes users less trusting of the Internet and lessens the overall web experience. With the Ads Integrity Alliance, industry leaders have a forum that can help them to solve common problems and issues.

StopBadware originally began under the purveyance of Harvard University as a nonprofit in 2010. Since then, it has grown to encompass major corporations like Google and PayPal within its alliance. Web developers designed the nonprofit to make the web a safer place by preventing and stopping the spread of badware websites.

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