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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google InVideo Advertising Expands with AdSense for Video Beta

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The burgeoning online video market is prime exposure for would be advertisers, but accessing the myriad of platforms has been the ultimate challenge. Google’s new AdSense for Video “Beta” (of course), will expand the reach of its InVideo network and help bridge the video advertising divide.

AdSense for Video proclaims to be a “non-intrusive” advertising platform that is “the best solution that balances the needs of video fans with the need for video sites to generate the revenue that enables them to continue to be creative as they grow”.

Essentially the InVideo ad format that has been running on the YouTube network, will be rolled out across video partner sites on the Google Content Network offer greater reach to would be video advertisers.

Google has launched a Video Advertising Solutions section within their Google Advertising Programs Area – which provides access to relevant information for both advertisers and publishers.

For a wrap up on the Google Video Ads, watch this video produced by Google to explain the opportunities the platform offers:

Google have been working with some of the most popular video destinations (e.g. Revver, and key video solutions providers (Brightcove, Yume, Tremor Media) to ensure the network has substantial coverage.

While there are some restrictions on who can use the AdSense for Video service, I’m sure these will get relaxed as the program gets closer to full launch.

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Here’s some examples of how businesses are using video on the internet
I think online web videos either in ads or informational videos on company
websites is going to be the next big marketing move by businesses

By Hamster - February 21, 2008

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