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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Google Introducing New Google AdWords Interface

Posted by @ 5:16 pm

Advertisers using Google’s AdWords advertising platform will soon notice radical changes to its interface. Out are old methods for making changes to advertising campaigns and analyzing performance, and in are new, cleaner menus and analysis tools.

Google’s advertising platform remains the most widely used, and profitable, advertising platform. Advanced algorithms help AdWords deliver ads relevant to the content of the page on which its ads are being served, and the platform’s simple, unobtrusive appearance has been a hit for both advertisers and consumers. With clear guidelines designed to encourage proper ad placement and clear demarcations between website content and advertising content, Google’s AdWords have helped to reduce the pop-ups, flashing banners and other nuisances of websites in the past.

With a constant influx of new features, Google has admitted that its old AdWords interface may have become a bit cluttered and confusing, especially for new users. AdWords has become popular among users who are unfamiliar with Internet advertising. Local businesses can take advantage of location-based search results, allowing small businesses who only deal locally to tap into the booming Internet audience.

Google is calling their new interface simple and beautiful. Its light green graphs and a new color scheme certainly give it a brighter design. Newly-designed menus, navigation paradigms, buttons and tabs are touted as allowing quicker, more intuitive navigation. And an emphasis on making important data more visible will help users find the information they are seeking more easily.

The new design delivers as much information as the previous iteration. AdWords has long been one of the leading advertising platforms for providing useful analytical data and tools to users. By helping users improve their ads and even providing better ad rates for effective advertising campaigns, AdWords allows users to work toward professional-caliber campaigns without demanding a communications or advertising degree.

Google’s AdWords has been the most popular advertising platform since shortly after its inception in late 2000. While few complained about its old interface, its new design appears to be a noticeable improvement. New users will find a reduced learning curve for using all of its features effectively, and old users will find the changes to be a refreshing update.

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