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Monday, August 13, 2007

Google Instant Indexing – Rev Up Your Rankings

Posted by @ 5:11 pm

Have you noticed that Google is indexing content almost instantly?

A month or so ago, I saw that our blog content was getting indexed quicker than usual in Google’s core web results and didn’t really think that much of it. Then over the last few weeks, as I’ve been scouring industry news, and cross referencing information, I saw that some of the major bloggers were being indexed almost instantly – within hours.

Last week Matt Cutts blogged about a similar observation in his “Minty Fresh Indexing” post, so chances are it wasn’t an “optical illusion” on my part. As he put it:

“It takes a lot of good design and infrastructure to be able to refresh large numbers of pages that fast. Congrats to the Googlers who are improving Google’s ability to re-crawl, index, and score web documents quickly.”

So here’s the opportunity – if Google is indexing content within hours, it offers website owners the chance to rank prominently for key terms and searches quicker than ever, and it’s through blogs that this is most easily achieved.

We’ve promoted the virtues of blogging as a traffic and ranking tool for years, as it provides businesses with the opportunity to regularly generate keyword rich content for their websites. With Google indexing content within hours, now more than ever, website owners should be embracing the power of blogs.

Now before spammers think this is another way to game Google – the impact of this rapid indexing isn’t available to every man and his dog straight away. Just like any good whitehat SEO approach, it takes time and diligence (the bloggers being indexed instantly have been blogging regularly for some time).

So if you want to Rev up your Ranking thanks to Google’s unbelievably fast indexing power – get to it and start creating relevant content “regularly”. For some ideas about blogging for your business, visit our previous posts:

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