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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Google Hits All Time Search High – What about the Rest?

Posted by @ 6:44 pm

According to a press release by WebSideStory, Google Search Marketing Share has grown to over 52%, which is more than double of its nearest competitor.

This is great news for Google but is it really good news for web site owners and Search Engine Marketers? Too many search engine marketers put too much emphasis on Google (in my opinon) and do not pay enough attention to the other search engines, especially Yahoo! and MSN. Ask any business owner if they are happy only reaching 52% of their potential mark and the answer would be a resounding “No!”. However, I have spoken to many people around the world who only care about Google. Not a well rounded approach to growing your business.

I firmly believe that web site owners need to have a balanced approach to achieving free search traffic. I call out the recent Yahoo! Weather Update and “Google Bourbon Update” which radically changed search results. Marketers who had not placed all their search eggs in one basket are able to continue to make sales during these changes. Being too reliant on one search engine is not healthy for any business.

Focusing on the big three search engines will provide you with the vast majority of your search traffic. Once you have conquered the big three, don’t forget the Tier 2 search engines including the likes of Ask Jeeves, Exact Seek etc. Whilst the traffic might not be huge in terms of the volume compared to tier ones, the extra traffic is generally worth while and can help weather any storm or hangover.

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