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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Google Guru Appears – Is Google Answers Coming Back

Posted by @ 8:17 pm

Several Google users saw something unusual appear in the products page of their Google account last week. A Google Guru link suddenly appeared under the Google groups link.

The new link (which was only visible to some users) was accompanied by the text “Ask questions and get answers from online users”.


For those of you that remember that far back – Google closed down its answers service back in 2006 as it was no longer a key part of their vision. That said, it was one of the few areas that Yahoo! actually led Google in terms of market dominance.

So is this a sign that Google Guru is the new incarnation of Google’s Q&A service? And if so – why the renewed focus?

Google launched Google Guru in January 2007 in Russia as a question and answer site. The site still remains quite active, but carries the trademark Google “beta” tag after almost 3 years.

aardvark-logoAs Greg Stirling points out, Google’s proposed acquisition of Aardvark, a social search engine (which is more Q&A than search engine) might be a part of the bigger picture.

For business owners, it could present with a great opportunity to build authority in your particular niche. As we’ve discussed with the likes of Yahoo! Answers and other Q&A forums, answering the right questions with useful relevant responses is a great way to improve your profile as an industry expert and when done right can also be a nice source of visitors.

Right now – the Google Guru link goes nowhere, so until comes out with an official announcement – it’s all just educated speculation as to what it means.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date when Google weigh into the discussion with the official word on Google Guru.

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By Where is the best place on the web to outsource a website design project? | Web Design Freeware - December 21, 2009

This, if true is only a ploy by google to bring back some of the people to their ranks.
Google is losing the battle of perferd search engins, due to it’s hackability and it’s
lack of consern about losing information and their drowning in complaints from people all over the net about problems on their site.
Maybe they should fix what they got, before they try these moves,aquiring all these site’s only adds to their problems, it’s not going to help them become number one again,if they can not fix what they got first.

By Mark Rickman - December 22, 2009

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