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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google Giving Away Free E-Book on How to Market to Shoppers

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The “First Moment of Truth,” or FMoT is a marketing term signifying the moment when all the advertising a consumer has seen for a brand will either pay off with a purchase, or not. It is the 6-7 second window in which the product will either be bought or abandoned.

It’s one of three widely-accepted “moments of truth” for a product, however with the advent of internet marketing a new type of MoT has emerged. The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMoT) is defined as the time period after a consumer sees an ad for a product before they actually purchase. This essentially happens when the consumer researches the product online and then decides whether or not to make a purchase in store.

Intrigued by this growing phenomenon of ZMoT and its effect on marketing, Google recently conducted some in-depth analysis with industry experts to gather as much possible information about ZMoT.

Now with research done and data collected, Google wants to share this key information with marketers in the form of a new free e-book titled “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth”.

The highlights of the book are:

  • The various forms that ZMoT takes
  • Statistics associated with how ZMoT impacts consumer actions
  • How the marketing process has changed
  • The ways that modern consumers get first exposure
  • The importance of rating and reviews in ZMoT
  • Industry statistics for online information
  • A recommended step-by-step game plan for “winning” the ZMoT
  • Upcoming trends in online information-seeking

The e-book was written by Jim Lecinski, Google’s Managing Director of US Sales & Service and it includes insights from leading companies like General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and VivaKi. Jim explains the reason for the research and the book as:

Growth in everything from review queries and coupon redemption to mobile usage strongly indicate that this phenomenon is real. But what we wondered is, what does this phenomenon mean for marketers? To find out, we spent a lot of time talking to industry experts and leading-edge marketers, and conducting primary market research, to learn as much as we can about ZMOT (“zee-mot”).

There are more details about ZMoT in the video below.

I strongly recommend downloading the book, ZMoT is certainly something that should be factored into any online marketing plan.

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