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Monday, September 5, 2005

Google Faces Death Threats

Posted by @ 4:47 pm

In one of the ugliest public displays in recent corporate times, the search giant – Google, has been the victim of unprecedented industrial action – death threats! And who would be so bold – none other than Microsoft Corp.

A case of sour grapes is the only explanation for this vulgar tirade by Microsoft Corp CEO, Steve Ballmer. These claims were brought to public attention in documents filed on Friday, during the bitter courtroom battle that has been raging between these IT heavyweights.

Google’s July recruitment of former Microsoft executive, Kai Fu-Lee, has the Microsoft CEO seeing red. Allegations of obscene threats and inappropriate behavior, including chair throwing, by a former Microsoft employee, are painting a less than perfect picture of Ballmer in the courts.

These death threats are hardly causing a stir in the Googleplex as their latest recruit, Lee, is said to have been instrumental in securing a recent contract worth $10 million to Google. This is lucky, considering Lee will earn almost $5 million in his first year with Google. A sound investment so far, but time will tell, as Google have also promised to cover any legal bills Lee incurs as a part of this vicious battle with Microsoft.

This is only going to heat up in the courts, with more allegations and dodgy practices sure to surface from both parties. The only group sure to win from this legal slugfest, is both companies’ lawyers.

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Discussion (10 - comments)

It sounds like sour grapes to me. Microsoft does not like to lose talented people, especially when it works for any competition.

Lenny Laskowski

By Lenny Laskowski - September 6, 2005

Google and Microsoft are both cool in my book.
Get on with it guys!

By Anonymous - September 6, 2005

I’d have given anything to be in that courtroom when Microsoft was throwing chairs @ Google :)

By Anonymous - September 6, 2005

You can’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see…..
d wentzloff

By dennis wentzloff - September 6, 2005

Even though I use alot of Microsoft software, they should be taught a lesson. If you use Frontpage to edit pages created by other software Fronpage obilerates the code. I hope you read this Microsoft.

Lord Henry

By Lord Henry - September 6, 2005

Once again the media blows things out of proportion. I am not sure who your news source is, but no one was throwing chairs at no one else in the courtroom.

By DigiOz Multimedia - September 7, 2005

sound like a whole lot of media BS to me

By Anonymous - September 13, 2005

We do not have enough information to tell if the right is with Microsoft or Google. I supposed Microsoft had a contract with its former executive, Kai Fu-Lee, with some restrictions. Probably Google ignored the contract and its restrictions. This seems to me the most logic.
Antonios Symeonakis

By Antonios Symeonakis - September 14, 2005

Microsoft rules, come on guys how many of us have been using Windows for year and still we talk against Microsoft. IBM and all other giants could not do whatever Microsoft has done and haven proven their capability and skills. Today where IT sector is standing, Microsoft has played a very significant role.

Google also rules in search engine world and have done a lot for internet community. I am Google fan but don’t be mistaken Microsoft was there when Google does not exist.

I think competition should be positive and should be taken as a constructive way. It is not a war, it is a good competition. If Microsoft want to do better than Google, most welcome…. what is wrong with that anyway.

A Consultant at

By Anonymous - September 14, 2005

What is Googles stock price now? I wish they wouldn’t keep changing their search engine ranking criteria!
Dan Baker

By Dan Baker - September 4, 2007

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