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Friday, June 10, 2011

Google Enters The Deals Market – Launches Google Offers

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Just after a week of launching Google Wallet Google has launched it’s much anticipated Google Offers in Portland with selected local businesses offering customers some great deals to avail.

Google Offers,  touted  as a potential Groupon killer, came into existence after Google’s ambitious attempt to buy out Groupon failed last year. Soon after, Google announced that it was working on its own social coupon service and approximately a year later Google Offers came into existence.

With some extensive marketing and advertising campaigns, Google Offers went live in Portland Oregan, with the local favourite Floyd’s Coffee being the first business to offer a 70% discount vouchers on coffee, breakfast burritos and more. The initial response was good with the coffee house selling out over 1600 coupons on its very first day.

Google said that it was working with other local businesses in Portland like Le Bistro Montage, Powell’s Books, and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade on various offers that will soon be available to consumers. Apart from Portland, Offers is also available to residents of San Francisco and New York for now and will soon be offered to shoppers all over the US and hopefully more countries in the near future.

Google is getting small business’ buy-in by asking them to partner with Offers in return for getting noticed by thousands of potential local buyers. Google says that they have reduced much of the pain for business owners wanting to use Google Offers by making available their own marketing specialists.  The specialist will help business owners create an attractive offer and market it effectively in their local areas so that the clients come back looking for more exciting deals.

Google have started push marketing campaigns and radio advertisements to encourage people and businesses to sign up at Google Offers beta so that they can avail and advertise offers on this portal.

The Big question still remains ‘Do we need another Coupon Service?’ and whether or not Offers will be able to strike the right chord with its consumers and the local businesses in comparison to the already established players of this field like Groupon, Tipper etc.

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By Google Enters The Deals Market – Launches Google Offers | RM2 Project - June 10, 2011

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