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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Google Enhances Search Suggestions, Adds Sponsored Links

Posted by @ 6:28 pm

Google launched their search suggestions feature late last year and since then, it’s become a standard feature across major search engines. In case you’re wondering what I’m on about, search suggestions is the handy drop down which appears as you type, providing related queries you might be interested in:


The feature has obviously been popular with users, as Google have announced their first update to the service. You’ll now get suggestions in more places, personalized suggestions and you guessed it, sponsored links.

Let’s take a look at each of these enhancements separately:

  • Suggestions in more places - You’ll now find search suggestions on Google results pages (SERPs) instead of just the main search page.
  • Personalized suggestions – If you’re logged into your Google account, you’ll now see personal suggestions based on repeated searches you’ve used before. These will also include a remove button in case you don’t want to see them again.
  • Sponsored Links – Putting it simply, you’ll now see ads in your suggestions. As I’ve commented before, Google’s strategy to protect advertising revenue during the recession has been to place ads everywhere they can. This is simply an extension of this plan.

Another minor change, Google have also removed the result count next to search terms as they found people were not finding them useful.

What does this mean for small business? Well if you’re a Google advertiser, you now have even more places to reach out to potential customers with your Ads. For SEOs, it may be worthwhile revisiting the Google suggestions for your key search terms as this may influence what keywords your customers are searching for.

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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Discussion (2 - comments)

Google keep coming up with the goods time after time – now they are offering the superb ability for searching using a search suggestions feature. You can also remove this feature anytime you like. What will the Googlemyster’s coming up with next.

By G3 Creative Scotland - May 26, 2009

Does anybody knows how to add this feature to my Adwords campaign?
Or maybe it turns up in Google Search without my interference?

By Lukas - March 10, 2011

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