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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Google Earth Develops a Wobbly Spin

Posted by @ 7:17 pm

South Korea is the latest country to voice its concern over the images shown in Google Maps. Late last month, Australia also voiced concerns regarding the service, which includes images from military sensitive sites.

South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea which forms the basis of their argument. It is not the images themselves that are the problem but the level of detail that they display – the resolution in other words.

A government official is quoted (link) as saying “Just because there is a picture of a naval port does not mean the whole security system is on alert, but if the resolution is greater than six meters (20 feet), security could be an issue.”

The amount of anti-Google press is definitely increasing, with the recent backlash over some of their products. With the company mantra of “Do No Harm“, in these sensitive times, the potential for harm from Google Earth is very real.

Looks like Google could be facing a new PR crisis – one which has nothing to do with their algorithm but the brand they protect so strongly.

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As for the so called problem (security) with google-earth. All I wish to point out is that the images are not real time and could aide the hiding of so-called sensitive areas!

By Anonymous - September 6, 2005

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