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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Google Docs & Spreadsheets: A Real Online Office?

Posted by @ 7:34 pm

Google Docs & Spreadsheets, the baby borne of a merger between Google Spreadsheets and Writely, has been launched.

Quickly, some background information. Google acquired Writely, a free online word processing package, from Upstartle in March of this year. Writely enabled users to create text documents, change fonts, insert charts and pictures, all through a web browser, and with the familiarity of more widely known word processing applications, like Microsoft Word. Google Spreadsheets entered the online world in June 2006, a limited equivalent to Microsoft Excel, offering some of the formulae and formatting but lacking the functionality.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets enables users to create a document or worksheet, save it online and open it again from any browser, anywhere in the world. The great thing about these applications, not only their easy accessibility, is the option for users to ‘share’ their works and allow Google users to collaborate their efforts. This tool enables a group to work, from different regions in the world, on the one online document.

Offering direct competition to other online word and spreadsheet packages like Zoho, Think Free and Ajax , Google is already on its was to dominating another online market. Does this great addition to the variety of free online programs jeopardize Microsoft’s dominance as the leader in local applications?

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Discussion (1 - comment)

Hi, I am Cliff from EditGrid. Actually long before Google Docs and Spreadsheets came out, EditGrid is already there competing the spreadsheet market with Google spreadsheets, up till now, it still support more languages, and many features than Google, like charts, publish spreadsheet to blog, remote stockquote and forex or even regularly fetch data from web to your own spreadsheet. I invite you to give it a try. Rgds,

By cliff - October 13, 2006

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