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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Google Business Builder Set to Launch for Small Businesses

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Google already offers a number of services that small businesses can use to reach their respective markets. In July, Google is planning on expanding this offering as a way to get in the door with more small businesses. Google’s “Business Builder” program is set to launch, which bundles a number of services that Google has built for the purpose of helping small businesses succeed.

What is Google Business Builder?

Business Builder is essentially a suite of services that Google will offer to businesses. Many of the services included have already been released by Google in the past. Some of them are repackaged into new services, while others are new. The ultimate goal of all of the services is to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses that are trying to get started marketing online.

Included in the Google Business Builder package will be:

  • Google+ Local Pages (formerly Google Places)
  • AdWords Express
  • Google Offers
  • Delivery
  • TalkBin
  • Google Wallet
  • Punchd

AdWords Express is basically a program that makes it easy for businesses to get started with AdWords without having to go through all of the technical processes that usually comes with it. Delivery is a service that makes it possible for local businesses to deliver their products to customers. TalkBin is a feedback service that uses SMS technology to allow customers to contact businesses. Google Wallet is an online payment system while Punchd is a loyalty program.

Why Offer Business Builder?

Google is offering Business Builder as a way to reach more small businesses. Over 95 percent of businesses in the United States are considered to be “small businesses” and Google isn’t reaching very many of them. By making it easier for companies to be able to promote themselves online, Google is hoping to be able to bring more companies into the fold, and increase revenue.

Using Google Business Builder

This is an attractive package for many small businesses that don’t have the first clue of how to use most of the Google services that are already there. This can be an inexpensive way for small companies to market their products to their local markets.

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