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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google Brings Back Keyword Meta Tag For Blogs And News Sites

Posted by @ 8:41 am

Google has just announced that they will be using keyword meta tags again. But before you get too excited, the news_keyword meta tag only applies to blogs and news sites that publish in Google News.

Meta tags were one of the most influential factors in search engine optimization back in the day, but over time it was removed because website owners, moderations and webmasters misused them to increase their ranking. The primary aim of Google and its SEO algorithms have always been to pull out the best and most relevant content for any set of keywords used in the search criteria. Many websites started targeting popular keywords through their Meta tags, even when the content wasn’t even remotely relevant to the searched criteria. Google continues to explain that keyword Meta tags are not something that they consider while ranking a page.

Therefore, this latest development from Google comes as a surprise. However, experts believe that this will make little difference as the sites that are accredited to be included in Google News are often legitimate sites offering genuinely relevant information. To shed light on how this keyword Meta tag can affect blogs and news sites, it has to be observed that Google is not going to base its entire search engine optimization protocols and page ranking algorithms only on either Meta tags or Meta description. All other factors remain untouched but for ease of picking the right contents for a certain search criteria, this is a minor development at Google’s back end.

Google News product manager, Rudy Galfi mentioned that this was to better classify news articles so the news writers could do their job freely and reach out to a wider audience. He did, however, have a word of caution for those who might wish to misuse the keyword Meta tag once again – Meta tags aren’t going to influence your ranking at all, so don’t even bother going there.
If you’re blog or news site has articles often found in Google News then you might want to take a closer look at your metatags to ensure they are up to scratch.

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