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Monday, November 26, 2012

Google and Bing’s Market Share Hit All-Time Highs

Posted by @ 4:27 pm

While Yahoo’s market share continues to decline, Google and Bing hit all time highs in October. Changes in the market may be to blame, but it could be that fans are continuing to lose interest in Yahoo and other once popular search engines.

Here are the official figures:

  • Google: 66.9% (66.7% in Sept 2012)
  • Bing: 16% (15.9% in Sept 2012)
  • Yahoo: 12.2% (no change from Sept 2012)
  • Ask: 3.2% (3.5% in Sept 2012)
  • AOL: 1.8% (no change from Sept 2012)

With the advent of new technology and software, Google has become the undisputed search engine giant and isn’t far off reaching 70% market share in the US.

Google and Bing have also done an excellent job with their branding and marketing strategies. Both companies are not climbing at an enormously fast rate, however they are climbing. What may be the more dramatic news is Yahoo’s quick descent. Yahoo seems to be becoming a thing of the past and the reasons could be many. It is rumored that parts of Yahoo’s issues were money related. They, as a company, didn’t have the disposable wealth that other companies, like Google, had. This and the fact that they have also been called ‘complacent’ at high levels would no doubt be responsible for the company’s decline in popularity. Whenever a technology-based company becomes complacent in any way, they are sure to get passed by other companies who are hungry to climb the ladder of success.

Yahoo will either need to make a huge turn-about in the way that they handle themselves or face the very real reality that their days of being a big player are simply over. Perhaps the rumoured partnership with Facebook could be just what Yahoo! needs to turn around it’s fortune?

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[...] Google and Bing’s Market Share Hit All-Time Highs — The latest market share numbers are out bringing good news for Google and Bing. [...]

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