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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Google Analytics Goes Mobile

Posted by @ 4:26 pm

Google Analytics is a wealth of priceless information to the publisher and webmaster. It provides graphs and statistics that show how your visitors found your website, which search patterns and phrases were used and how they came to find it.

Now there’s some good news… you will soon be able to use Google Analytics on the go! Google says that it is developing a Google Analytics Android app, which provides data about your website viewable on smartphones. Currently, the plan is to provide an Android app but Google are “definitely thinking” about releasing an iOS app too.

In the meantime, Google has just launched Google Analytics for Mobile app which tracks users who have downloaded a mobile app with the information now available to the app designer and publisher. So what exactly will the Google Mobile App Analytics tell you? Well, for starters you can find out if your Android app was discovered in the Google Play shop front and you can then decide whether to continue paying money for that ad campaign on that website or move on to another source to get people downloading your app.

The new mobile data will be available to both iOS and Android app developers, who will get the same reports, with one exception — developers making their apps available through Google Play will be able to track which traffic sources are driving new downloads and conversions.

Also among the priceless information displayed on Google Analytics for Mobiles is information on amount of downloads, how many users opened up the app straight away following the download and the user country and location. All of which is information of specific interest if you want to target a wider audience in future.

You might recall we launched a new game earlier this year, Finger Puppet Frenzy, so this app will certainly come in handy for our gaming team who want to check stats anywhere, anytime.

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Discussion (2 - comments)

That’s real cool!I’ve been waiting for Google to release Google Analytics for mobile app. I can now check the status of my employer’s sites wherever I go.

By Jenefer Bailey - July 15, 2012

People are using mobile devices to do just about everything online today. It only makes sense that website owners that are optimizing for mobile be able to check their analytics easily from a mobile device.

By Nick Stamoulis - July 16, 2012

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